• 2 Signs Your Car's Cracked Windshield Needs To Be Replaced Instead Of Repaired

    While driving through a severe storm, an object or hailstone may have struck your car's windshield and cracked the glass. Once you are able to safely make it to your destination, you may have inspected the damage and are wondering whether the cracks can be repaired. Although some cracks in the glass can be easily patched, there are times when it is necessary to replace the entire windshield. Below are a couple of signs that your car's cracked windshield will need to be replaced by a professional instead of repaired.
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  • Having Trouble Driving Off-Road? Common Indicators That Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair Services

    A well-suspended car is all you need to experience comfort and a smooth drive, especially when going off-road. Usually, potholes and mud can be difficult to deal with if your vehicle is not well-suspended. The struts and shocks can tear up as you drive on such roads, and with time, you'll need to check the suspension's condition. Sometimes, giving your car the best suspension can be costly, but the benefits are far-reaching.
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  • 4 Signs Your Ignition Coil Is On Its Last Leg

    Have you ever heard your auto repair technician mention the term ignition coil? If yes, you probably know it is an integral part of your car. But what is the role of an ignition coil? And how can you tell if it is malfunctioning? Your ignition coil converts low voltage from your car's battery to the high voltage needed to power the engine. And if it is dying, you may note the following warning signs.
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