2 Signs Your Car's Cracked Windshield Needs To Be Replaced Instead Of Repaired

Posted on: 2 March 2023

While driving through a severe storm, an object or hailstone may have struck your car's windshield and cracked the glass. Once you are able to safely make it to your destination, you may have inspected the damage and are wondering whether the cracks can be repaired.

Although some cracks in the glass can be easily patched, there are times when it is necessary to replace the entire windshield. Below are a couple of signs that your car's cracked windshield will need to be replaced by a professional instead of repaired.

1. Cracks Are Located Close to or Along the Edges of the Windshield, Making the Glass More Likely to Pop Out or Shatter

One sign that you need to replace your car's windshield instead of having it replaced has to do with its location. When the crack is located toward the middle of the glass, it is possible that it can be professionally patched.

However, if the crack is located close to or along the edges of the windshield, it will need to be replaced. Because the seal around the glass is most likely broken, there is a greater chance that the glass will pop out or even shatter while you are driving if you do not replace the windshield.

2. Damage Is Deeper than the Top Layer of the Glass, Compromising the Structural Integrity of the Windshield

Another sign that your damaged windshield will need to be replaced is when the crack is deeper than the top layer of the glass. When the damage is superficial, it can be patched and sealed because the strength of the glass has not been weakened.

However, if the crack goes below the top layer, the structural integrity of the windshield has been compromised. Since this type of damage cannot be safely repaired because the glass's strength cannot be restored, you will have to have a professional replace the windshield.

If your car's windshield is cracked, it can be tempting to simply try to patch the damage and forget about it. However, if the cracks are located around or at the edges of the windshield or are deeper than the top layer of the glass, the structural integrity is compromised and is at greater risk of popping out or shattering. If your windshield has these types of irreparable cracks, contact an auto glass replacement service to speak to someone about setting up an appointment.