Car Need Repairs? 4 Automotive Issues You Should Never Overlook

Posted on: 25 November 2019

When you own a car, it's crucial that you pay attention to all the little details. Even if you take your car in for all the routine maintenance appointments, there could still be issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, many people postpone minor repairs until it's too late. Here are four repairs that should never be postponed.  Lagging Batteries If your battery is working harder than it should to give your car the right amount of power at start-up, it's time for a replacement.
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Diesel Truck Management Tips For Businesses

Posted on: 31 October 2019

Diesel trucks are commonly used for commercial activities due to their power and reliability. While diesel truck engines are extremely durable, they are still able to experience significant problems as a result of improper maintenance or malfunctions. Ensure the Repairs Are Compliant With Best Practices Individuals that own small businesses may attempt to save money on diesel truck services by repairing their vehicles on their own. In addition to the risk of inconsistent or unreliable repairs, this can also increase the emissions from the vehicles.
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Have Your Car's Turbocharger And Vacuum Line System Serviced Before You Crank Up The Boost

Posted on: 31 July 2019

It's relatively easy to get some huge horsepower gains out of modern turbocharged engines with electronic boost and fuel control. Unlike classic cars, which required getting down and dirty with actual physical modifications, amping up the power in modern turbo cars is a plug-and-play affair. Simply plug in a tuning device, upload a modified boost and fuel map to your ECU, and suddenly, your car is putting out a ton more torque.
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All Of Those "Check" Lights: Are They Really Something To Worry About?

Posted on: 12 July 2019

Driving along, your car is fine. All of a sudden, one of those "check" lights pops on on the dash of your car. Inwardly, you might groan because nobody wants to deal with car repair expenses. If this sounds familiar, you might be wondering if you really should be concerned about any of these lights turning on on your dash. Here is the real scoop on these lights.  They Are Warnings
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