4 Signs Your Ignition Coil Is On Its Last Leg

Posted on: 10 January 2023

Have you ever heard your auto repair technician mention the term ignition coil? If yes, you probably know it is an integral part of your car. But what is the role of an ignition coil? And how can you tell if it is malfunctioning? Your ignition coil converts low voltage from your car's battery to the high voltage needed to power the engine. And if it is dying, you may note the following warning signs.

1. Your Engine Is Hard Starting

When you are about to hit the road, you expect your car's engine to respond to the turn of the key. But this may not be the case if your ignition coil is ailing. A damaged ignition coil may not generate the spark needed to power the engine. Or the engine may start and fizzle out immediately. And it will be impossible to get to work or other places on time. Do not worry, because the problem can be fixed. With the help of an experienced auto repair expert, your car can restore your car electric start system.

2. Your Vehicle Is Stalling

Have you ever been driving to an important event and heard a sputter before your car stalls? An ailing ignition coil can be the culprit since it may send irregular voltage to the plugs. Not only is a car that frequently stalls cause immense inconvenience, but it can also be dangerous. For instance, your car might stall when merging on a busy road, exposing you to a life-ending T-bone accident. You need to seek auto repair ASAP for your convenience and safety.

3. Backfiring

If your car is backfiring, it is time to check your ignition coil. A bad ignition coil may not produce enough voltage to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. As a result, some fuel will ignite in the exhaust pipe, hence the backfires. If some fuel leaves the combustion chamber unburnt, you are not getting value for your money. Engage a reliable auto repair expert to fix the damaged ignition coil to ensure you have the best fuel economy and a quiet and comfortable ride.

4. Jerking When Accelerating

You should get a smooth acceleration when you push down the gas pedal. Does your car jerk when you accelerate? If yes, you could be looking at a damaged ignition coil and need to seek auto repair service. Do not delay the repair since your car may jerk forward in heavy traffic, causing a rear-end accident that may land you in legal trouble.

You need your ignition coil in top shape for a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride. If your car's ignition coil is giving you grief, visit a renowned auto repair shop. They will diagnose it and fix any existing problem to ensure it is functioning as it should.   

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