• Hear These Semi-Truck Noises? What They Mean And Why You Need Mechanic's Help

    Whenever you notice sounds from your semi-truck, you probably hope that with time, they'll go away on their own. However, if they're persistent and don't sound normal, you may have issues with your semi-truck. You shouldn't ignore any strange sound from your vehicle as it could be a serious problem that may result in vehicle failure. Ensure that you seek the assistance of an experienced auto repair expert just on the onset of those weird noises.
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  • Transmission Failing? Looking For These Signs

    Your vehicle's transmission has two important jobs. While it's primarily responsible for transferring the power generated from the engine to the vehicle's wheels, it also changes between different gear sets to control the speed and torque of your vehicle. Here are some signs that your vehicle's transmission is in need of repair.  Slipping Transmission A transmission slip is a common problem associated with a failing transmission. This can happen as your vehicle is going into a gear change, but the gear change never happens.
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  • Keys To Having Extended Warranty Vehicles Worked On By Auto Mechanics

    With an extended auto warranty, you will have maximum protection for your vehicle for a long time. Thus, repair costs won't be as bad. Just make sure you use these precautions when having this type of vehicle worked on by auto mechanics. First Find Out What The Warranty Covers Before you take your vehicle to an auto mechanic in the area, you first need to find out what your extended warranty covers.
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