Hear These Semi-Truck Noises? What They Mean And Why You Need Mechanic's Help

Posted on: 14 March 2022

Whenever you notice sounds from your semi-truck, you probably hope that with time, they'll go away on their own. However, if they're persistent and don't sound normal, you may have issues with your semi-truck. You shouldn't ignore any strange sound from your vehicle as it could be a serious problem that may result in vehicle failure. Ensure that you seek the assistance of an experienced auto repair expert just on the onset of those weird noises. Here are the common noises to watch out for.

You Can Hear Chipping and Hissing Noises From Your Engine

When your engine produces hissing noises, it could be that it's overheating. You may also notice this sound when the engine fluid leaks on hot exhaust pipes. This requires the quick intervention of a professional mechanic as it can result in fire hazards. Chirping noises indicate that your engine's serpentine belt is loose or faulty. You should fix this issue quickly as it will gradually worsen, leading to costly repairs.

A Pinging or Knocking Noise

When you notice a knocking sound coming from your vehicle, you likely have issues with your ignition. This mostly happens when the fuel ignites inside the cylinder. Ignition problems are usually brought about by a faulty spark plug or a failing fuel injector. To ensure that your engine is operating efficiently, schedule a tune-up with an experienced auto repair expert who'll identify and resolve your issue.  

You Can Hear Clicking Noises

If your semi-truck produces clicking sounds, your engine oil is likely low. Your engine oil plays a critical role in the proper functioning of your vehicle. If it's been a while before your last oil change, consider seeking the services of an auto repair technician.

Your Semi-Truck Makes Grinding Noises

When you hear grinding sounds whenever you start your vehicle, visit your auto repair technician for a starter motor check-up. In most cases, it will require adjusting, but you'll have to replace it if it's faulty. If you hear grinding sounds as you shift gears, your transmission could have issues. If your semi-truck uses manual transmission, replacing your gear is the best option.

If you use your truck every day, you should be conversant with the normal noise it produces. The moment you notice an unusual sound, you likely have a problem with your vehicle. Your vehicle has different complex parts that are interrelated. So, if you fail to address a minor problem, it could lead to major issues that may compromise the proper operation of your semi-truck. Contact a semi repair professional in your area for more information.