The Dangers Of Poor Vehicle Wheel Alignment

Posted on: 29 June 2023

Many car owners put a lot of effort into maintaining their vehicles. They ensure that they receive their regular oil change, tune-ups, and car washes. However, one component that car owners often overlook is their vehicle's wheel alignment.

Poor wheel alignment not only leads to premature wear and tear on your tires, but it can also pose a significant danger to you and other drivers on the road. This article outlines three significant risks of poor vehicle wheel alignment and explains how to prevent them.

Decreased Safety

Perhaps the most alarming danger of poor wheel alignment is decreased safety. Poor wheel alignment can cause your vehicle to handle poorly, making it hard to control when driving around a curve or getting on and off the highway. The wheels may pull you in different directions, causing your vehicle to drift. This can make it difficult for you to keep control of your car and could lead to a crash.

Poor alignment also increases the chance of a hazardous blowout on the highway, putting you and other drivers at serious risk. Poorly aligned tires can cause uneven bearing on your tire treads, increasing the risk of a blowout.

Additionally, if your vehicle isn't aligned properly, the driver assistance systems in your car, like traction control and antilock brakes, may not work effectively. These systems rely on your tires to be properly aligned, especially when driving in slippery conditions.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Poor wheel alignment can also cause your vehicle's gas mileage to decrease significantly. When your wheels aren't aligned, you may have to use more gas to keep your car moving forward. Properly aligned wheels are more aerodynamic and can help reduce the amount of drag your vehicle experiences, allowing it to move forward with less resistance.

The opposite is true for misaligned wheels, which can cause more drag and make your vehicle less efficient. In other words, the more energy your car needs to move forward, the more gas it will consume. Therefore, keeping your wheels aligned is very important if you want to cut down on your monthly gas bill.

Accelerated Wear and Tear on Tires

Poor wheel alignment also causes your tires to wear unevenly. This not only means you'll need to replace them sooner, but you may also need to replace them more often. The unnecessary friction from misaligned wheels can cause your tires to wear down more quickly.

In addition, poor wheel alignment also causes your suspension system to work harder, which can lead to increased wear and tear on your shocks and struts. This can result in an uncomfortable ride with more vibrations, noise, and less shock absorption. You may also need to replace those parts sooner, resulting in unnecessary repair costs. 

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