What Factors Affect The Lifespan Of Your Brake Pads?

Posted on: 4 April 2023

Your brake pads, also known as brake shoes, may last anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 miles. This is a huge difference, and as such, you may find yourself wondering what factors affect the lifespan of your brake pads and/or what you can do to help ensure your brake pads last. Here are four of the factors that have a direct role in how long your brake pads last. 

Freeway Versus City Driving

One of the biggest factors that plays a role in how long your brake pads will last is whether you mostly drive on the freeway or mostly drive in the city. When you are on the freeway, there are no stop signs or traffic lights. As such, unless you are stuck in traffic, you rarely have to use your brake pads. This helps them to last. On the other hand, if you drive in the city often, you use your brakes more frequently, and your brake pads will wear faster. 

The Amount of Weight in Your Vehicle

One of the lesser-known factors that can affect the lifespan of your brake pads is the amount of weight in your car. If the weight in your car is heavier, your brakes have to work harder to bring your vehicle to a stop. Because of this, your brake pads may not last as long if you frequently drive with other people in the car or have a lot of cargo in your car compared to someone who drives alone and has a relatively empty vehicle. 

Gently Braking Versus Slamming on Your Brakes

Slowly bringing your vehicle to a stop causes a lot less wear on your brake pads compared to slamming on your brakes. People who often slam on their brakes or ride their brakes notice that their brake pads wear out faster. Driving at a safe speed and driving in a defensive manner, rather than an aggressive manner, can help your brakes last. 

Routinely Cleaning Your Brakes

Most people do not know that their brakes need to be regularly cleaned. Most experts recommend having your brakes cleaned by a brake service once a year to remove dust and other small particles from your brake pads and rotors. Routine brake cleanings can help to extend the life of the entire braking system, including the pads. 

Auto repair companies that offer brake services can help you select the brake pads that are ideal for you, based on your driving conditions. They can also provide you with specific tips that may help to extend the life of your brake pads. However, regardless of what you do, all brake pads will eventually wear and need to be replaced. If you hear your brakes screeching or grinding, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to have the brake pads replaced. 

Reach out to a brake service to learn more.