Signs Your Auto Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Posted on: 6 July 2022

Your vehicle may get uncomfortable during hot weather if the ac doesn't work to its fullest. Fortunately, an auto conditioning unit can help keep your car cool and ensure improved air quality by filtering out contaminants in the air. However, your vehicle's AC may wear out over time, calling for car air conditioning service. But, when should you service your vehicle's air conditioner? Here are the telltale signs.

Weird Sounds

As your car's air conditioner works, it may produce a quiet noise, which is expected. Nonetheless, if the air conditioning system makes unusual and loud sounds, this indicates trouble. For instance, a screeching sound may mean the fan's moving parts aren't well lubricated, causing friction. In such cases, car air conditioning service may include lubricating the AC moving parts, ensuring smooth movement of all parts. Likewise, banging noises indicate loosely connected or poorly positioned components. Fastening the loose parts can help eliminate the banging sounds.

Water Buildup

When there's water buildup on your dashboard or car floor, you're likely dealing with a faulty AC system. This may occur due to a cracked or broken hose in your AC resulting in water leakage. Additionally, the drains may overflow when they clog due to the accumulation of debris such as mud. Remember that the leakage may cause water damage that includes mold growth on your car seats or carpet. Also, excess moisture may cause corrosion of your vehicle's metallic body parts. Unfortunately, repairing severe water damage may be costly. Car air conditioning repair may involve regularly mending broken AC hoses and unblocking clogged pipes.

Foul Odor

Ideally, a car AC system in good condition should boost the air quality inside your car. Hence, if your car's interior has a foul smell, your air conditioner may have malfunctioned. For instance, you may notice a musty smell when mold grows on your AC's filters. Additionally, your vehicle may smell dusty if there's an excess dust accumulation on your air conditioner. In such cases, car air conditioning service may include cleaning your AC system to eliminate molds, dust, and foreign debris from your AC. This way, your AC blows clean air, making your vehicle's interior smell fresh.

Warm Air Production

When your car's AC blows out warm air, this indicates potential problems with the thermostat's settings. Similarly, the AC refrigerant may leak, causing insufficient air cooling. Car air conditioning services can troubleshoot the cause of the issue accurately and perform appropriate AC repair or maintenance to restore your AC's cooling capacity.

The common car air conditioning service indicators include warm air production, weird sounds, foul odor, and water build-up inside your vehicle. Consider hiring an auto air conditioning system service when you see these signs.