Things You Need To Know When Servicing Your Performance Import Car

Posted on: 6 December 2021

Some cars on the market are made using a unique set of parts and components that can play a role in the repair and service of the vehicle. A Maserati, for instance, is different from a lot of other cars on the road, and taking the vehicle to a Maserati service center for maintenance and repair can have some benefits for your vehicle.

Basic Service

When it is time to service your performance sedan, you may need some parts for the car that are hard to find in the auto parts market. Often, something as simple as an oil filter for a high-end vehicle is not available at the local parts store, so taking your car to a Maserati service center for the work may save time. 

While Maserati's are common in the US, the differences in the cars sometimes limit the number of shops that will work on them. Still, the dealer or service center can handle any work you need and will have professionals and the equipment specific to these high-end vehicles. The service center will typically stock many of the parts for these vehicles and can get the work down quickly without having to order components. If the car is still under warranty, they can validate the service, record it, and keep the factory warranty intact.

Basic services like tire work, brake inspection, or oil changes can be done at any shop, but the mechanic needs to be familiar with the cars and have a source for the parts that go on them, or they may find it challenging to do the work you need.

Repair Service

No matter how much you spend on a car, they are mechanical machines, and things can go wrong with the engine, drivetrain, or electronic systems. Diagnosing the problem and making the repairs quickly is vital for any repair shop. 

A Maserati service center is often best equipped to diagnose problems in their vehicle line because they may have seen the issue in the past with other cars and have specific equipment to work on them. Many of the vehicles from this manufacturer use high-performance engines and drivetrains specific to their vehicles, so the professional working on the vehicle needs to have specific training to work with them. 

Factory service centers often use mechanics that have trained specifically for these models, and like any manufacturer, things like warranty work needs to be handled through shops that have approval from the manufacturer to do so. Sometimes recall work is limited to the Maserati service center because they have access to factory parts that can not be easily obtained by non-factory shops or would be cost-prohibitive for those shops to purchase. 

For more information, contact a Maserati service center near you.