Reasons That Your Vehicle's Automatic Transmission Can Slip

Posted on: 30 July 2021

Every vehicle requires a transmission to change between gears, but it can be done manually or automatically. Manual transmissions are harder to use, but break down much less over time. Meanwhile, an automatic transmission does more of the work for you and can fail when various components go bad. 

When your vehicle's automatic transmission is acting up, it will likely sound very weird from what you are used to hearing. It is going to sound like you are accelerating very fast, but the vehicle is not moving fast at all. This is because the vehicle's RPMs are climbing, but the transmission is not slipping. Here are some reasons why that can happen.

Transmission Fluid Problems

Your transmission is a part of your vehicle that requires a specific kind of fluid for it to operate properly. Having low transmission fluid will definitely contribute to the transmission not being able to change gears. This means that you need to find out how the transmission fluid is leaving the system so that you can fix the leak. You may also have dirty transmission fluid that is burning up in the vehicle. This problem will require that you have the transmission flushed and new fluid put in.

Transmission Band Problems

There are many small components of the transmission, with the transmission band being one of them. If these bands are worn down, they will not be able to grip properly and give you the proper revelations necessary to achieve your desired speed. The solution may be as simple as having the transmission bands replaced with new ones. 

Gear Problems

The gears of your transmission can get worn out over time. This is not likely to be the problem, but it's a serious problem that will require an expensive repair or replacement. You can identify if it's a problem with the gears if the transmission struggles in a specific gear. For example, if you have problems in first gear and the vehicle is fine when you pick up the speed, then you know it's a problem with that specific gear.

Solenoid Problems

The transmission has various solenoids in order for the transmission to work. If they start to go bad, you will notice problems with gear shifting being delayed or problems downshifting. A mechanic can help test the solenoids to let you know if they are the issue, and perform the replacement of the part for you if necessary. 

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