Car Need Repairs? 4 Automotive Issues You Should Never Overlook

Posted on: 25 November 2019

When you own a car, it's crucial that you pay attention to all the little details. Even if you take your car in for all the routine maintenance appointments, there could still be issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, many people postpone minor repairs until it's too late. Here are four repairs that should never be postponed. 

Lagging Batteries

If your battery is working harder than it should to give your car the right amount of power at start-up, it's time for a replacement. That lag time might not be a huge problem right now, especially if your car is still starting; however, eventually you're going to find yourself stranded somewhere. If your battery is giving you problems, you need to replace it right away. If the replacement doesn't fix the problem, take your car to a repair shop right away. 

Leaking Radiators

If your radiator is leaking, don't just keep refilling the reservoir. Filling the reservoir isn't doing anything to repair the problem. It's merely postponing the inevitable and masking the actual problem. Unfortunately, allowing your radiator to continue leaking can lead to serious problems for your entire car. First, tiny pin-sized holes can expand significantly over time, especially once your car is heated up. When that happens, your radiator may rupture. Second, if your radiator is leaking, fluid isn't flowing through efficiently enough to keep your car as cool as it needs to be. As soon as you notice a leak coming from your radiator, head to a nearby repair shop. 

Bulging Hoses

If you've got bulging hoses, you need to have those replaced as soon as possible. This step is particularly important if it's your radiator hoses that are bulging. Bulging hoses are a sign that the rubber has lost its ability to hold the necessary pressure. If left in place, your bulging hoses will eventually rupture, sending hot fluid all over your engine. Once that happens, your car will stop running, and you'll be left with much costlier repairs. If you've found hoses that are bulging, it's time for repairs. 

Failing Brakes

If you're not as confident about your car's brakes as you once were, you need to schedule an appointment with your repair shop. Your brakes should be quick to respond as soon as you apply pressure on the foot pedal. If your brakes lag, squeal, or pull your car to one side, you've got problems that need to be addressed immediately.

If you're experiencing any of these problems, look for an automotive repair service.