Services You May Not Have Realized Were Part Of Auto Detailing

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Auto detailing is more than just cleaning your car inside and out. In fact, people are often surprised to see how many different extra little services are included or offered a la carte in a detailing package. Some of those extra little services are as follows, and you can request them or refuse them as you like. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Little Johnny's fruit punch all over the back seat, and Big Sister's ice cream treat on the floor of the car are good excuses to get upholstery cleaning added to your detailing service request. That is because the upholstery cleaning is not just vacuuming; it is full-on steam clean with pre-treatment and commercial upholstery shampoo to extract those stains and make them disappear. If you want your vehicle to look like it never had children in it ever, then the upholstery cleaning service is worth the cost. 

Scratch and...Hide?

In a detailing service, you can ask that every little scratch on the vehicle's exterior be "rubbed out of existence." Actually, the scratches are not rubbed out, but rather "colored in." Special auto scratch sticks are used to hide the scratches, making them impossible to see. If you look really closely at where the scratches used to be, you can almost make out the edges, but not quite. If you have extensive scratch damage, as is the case with someone keying your vehicle all over, then the detail shop buffs some of that out, and uses the cover-up sticks for the rest. 

Polish and Shine All Chrome

Chrome is so much nicer when it glistens and blings all silvery in the sun. If the chrome on your vehicle is looking a little dull, the auto detailers will buff it up, polish it, and rub it until it shines like new again. This particular service is typically included in most detailing packages, but if it is not included in your package, you can probably ask to have it added to the rest of your detailing services. 

Leather Stitching and Repair

Not too many vehicles have stitched leather seats or leather in the dash anymore. It is generally reserved for high-end luxury vehicles. Still, if you do have some leather in the interior of your vehicle, and it is showing signs of splitting, detailers can spend some time stitching it up again. After it is stitched, a special leather "crayon" hides any further evidence of there ever being any split at all. 

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