Buying Your First Car? Why Smog Testing Is So Important

Posted on: 7 July 2018

Buying a car for the first time is something that many people look forward to. Depending on how prepared you are the event can either be the ticket to the kind of freedom that you've dreamed of or the beginning of a series of events which might make you wish you would have kept walking. The key to making sure you don't fall into the second group is crossing your 'T's' and dotting every 'I' that you can think of. 

Smog testing is a very big deal, and it should be tops on your list of what to look for when deciding whether or not to buy a particular vehicle. Read the information that follows, and you'll see why having any potential vehicle tested for smog is so important. 

Smog Testing Reveals The Condition Of A Car's Exhaust System

When you look at a car, you like it's so easy to be blinded by the bells and whistles. A beautiful paint job and wonderful exterior features can cover up so much. You could become so enamored with the appearance of the vehicle that you quickly sign on the dotted line and are ready to pull away.

Remember: It's what inside that counts. No matter how incredible the car appears, it could be covering up an exhaust system that deteriorated a long time ago. The exhaust system is the part of the car that emits debris into the air from the inner workings of the vehicle. You can somewhat compare the exhaust system to your very own respiratory system. 

First, you breathe in oxygen then you breathe out carbon dioxide. A car's exhaust system takes in outside air and emits whatever could possibly be toxic to the car's performance. If the exhaust system is faulty, there's a good chance that there are other parts of the car that don't work so well either.

Smog Testing Tests For Health

During the smog testing, a car is tested to see how healthy the exhaust system is. If it is letting off pollutants at a rate that is higher than what is permitted by the government, the car will fail the test. This is why you must get that smog test done before anything else takes place.

Even after you purchase your next car, you should continue to have the smog testing done on a regular basis. It's good for the environment and helps to keep you in the know concerning the condition of your vehicle. For more information, contact a company like Smog King.