When You're Getting Auto Glass Replacement, Should You Consider Tinting as Well?

Posted on: 4 July 2018

Any time you take your car to the shop to have a problem looked at, it's always a good idea to have other issues looked at as well. This ensures you don't have to keep making the same trip over and over again to address one issue after the next.

Therefore, when you go to the repair shop to have your auto glass replaced, you may want to consider something else that you may have always wanted but may not have had time for — such as tinting. 

Why Should You Consider Tinting?

For some people, there is an aesthetic appeal to having their windows tinted. However, tinting car windows isn't just about making your car look good. Tinting has several practical purposes, including:

  • Privacy: Whether it's to make a phone call or meeting someone, you may not want any prying eyes looking in on you. Tinting will make it harder for random passersby to see what's going on inside your car.

  • Security: Smash-and-grab type thieves find it easier to steal from cars with clear windows since they can quickly tell if there's something valuable while passing by.

  • Safety: Tinted windows can filter out all harmful UV rays from the sun and still ensure there's enough light in the car.

Why Not Go for Privacy Glass Instead?

When the issue of tinting windows comes up, some people wonder if they should just go for privacy glass instead. Privacy glass is glass that is factory tinted or dyed. This increases the amount of visible light that enters the car. As such, this type of glass can be very helpful when it comes to the issue of privacy.

However, privacy glass offers very little UV rejection compared to tinting. This means that apart from privacy, this glass doesn't offer you much else and is therefore not a replacement for tinting.

Factors to Consider Before Tinting

If you're thinking that it's a good idea to have your auto glass tinted when it's getting replaced, there are a few factors you'll want to consider:

  1. You should know what the local laws are with regards to tinting. You can easily get this information if you're at a reputable auto glass repair shop. Some tints are not allowed in some jurisdictions.

  2. How much light do you want in your car? A limo tint may offer you excellent privacy, but it may make it difficult to find something inside your car without turning on a light.

For more info on tinting, reach out to your local auto glass company.