Tips For Making A Vehicle More Resilient To The Heat

Posted on: 4 July 2018

As fun as summer is, the heat introduces a new aspect of stress to vehicles. Cars that have been around for a few years are especially prone to breaking down in summer even if they've been performing well enough during winter.

These heat-induced stresses are capable of not just disabling your vehicle but doing extensive damage that may be very costly to repair. To prevent this, you should ensure that your car runs as coolly as possible at all times and there are several ways of doing this.

Check the Radiator

The radiator is responsible for keeping the engine cool. Any problem with the radiator could result in your engine overheating. Therefore, you should ensure your radiator is in good working condition and that there is no sign of damage or any part that is loose.

Apart from the radiator itself, you should also check on the state of the coolant. The coolant level should be checked at least every time you change the oil. The system should also be flushed every two years or after 24,000 miles. The coolant comes in various colors but should never be rusty or milky.

Check the Oil

In order for your car to run as coolly as possible, it also needs to be running smoothly. Oil is supposed to lubricate the moving parts of the car, and this helps to lower the amount of heat produced. Because of this, you have to ensure that oil used in the car is in good condition. There should also be enough oil in the system. This can be checked using a dipstick.

Apart from the engine oil, you should also keep your eye on other parts of the car that need to be lubricated such as the wheels. You may need auto repair services to lubricate certain moving parts.

Check the Battery

Too much heat in the summer can kill your battery. Ensure that your battery is in good condition by having it checked out by a professional. You can also check if the water levels are too low. However, ensure you only top it up with distilled water.

Fraying of wires and corrosion can also be a problem. Corrosion usually takes place around the terminals. There are various solutions that can be used to clean out this acidic residue safely. Replace the battery if it's no longer functioning as required. This isn't unusual after around three years. For more information, contact a company like AutoMedics.