A Few Tips For Finding A Good Mechanic To Do Your Auto Repairs

Posted on: 1 July 2018

You have probably heard the horror stories of someone taking their car to a shop to end up paying a large amount of money and still not have the problem fixed. You may have also heard of a shop "hanging parts" until they find the one that fixes your problem. However, not all mechanics or auto shops are bad. In fact, most of them work hard to keep a good reputation. Unfortunately, people are loudest about bad or negative things. So, here are a few tips to find the mechanics and auto repair shops that are ethical, knowledgeable, and do good work for a fair amount of money.


While people may not talk about a good mechanic as casual conversation, they will if you ask. Talk to your friends to find out who they recommend for auto repairs. Of course, you will probably have to listen to all the bad experiences they had with other shops, but eventually, they will get around to the places that did good work. 

Don't Wait for an Emergency

One way to find a good mechanic is to get to know them a bit before you really need them. Take your vehicle in for some routine maintenance and see how things go. If they do the work, don't try to sell you on other parts just to make some extra cash, and charge what they quoted or advertised it is a good start. Then, go to them with a small problem. Perhaps you need the brakes worked on or need to find out why the "check engine" light is on. If you are still treated well, consider this shop when you have an emergency.

Ask Questions

Any time you take your vehicle to a shop, ask them questions about what they are going to do and why. If they recommend a new part, ask if the current one can be repaired or rebuilt. Even if you do not entirely understand how your car operates, ask what the problem is, what is causing it, and for all the options for fixing it. Also, be sure to ask what warranty or guarantee comes with the parts and work they will be doing.

Knowing a good auto mechanic and taking your vehicle to them for all your maintenance and repair needs is the best way to keep your auto running efficiently. It gives you peace of mind to know that your car will be fixed in the best, most effective way possible. It also gives the mechanic a chance to get to know your vehicle and its little quirks. This can save you time and money when they don't recommend unnecessary repairs.

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