These Are The Reasons You Really Need A Good Windshield

Posted on: 28 June 2018

The windshield glass is one of the most important parts of your car. Here are some of the functions it performs:

It Shields Your Eyes from the Wind and Debris

One of the primary functions of the windshield is to ensure the wind or windblown debris doesn't get into your eyes as you drive. This helps you maintain clear visibility of the road so that you can spot road dangers in time and avoid them if necessary. Without the windshield, driving would be like riding a bike – flying insects, wind and dust would give you constant problems.

It Supports the Passenger Airbags

Another important function of the windshield is to support the passenger airbag during a crash. Without the windshield or with a weak windshield in place, the passenger airbag would have nowhere to anchor itself during a crash, and it wouldn't help your passengers as it is meant to do. An improper windshield installation can even prevent the airbag from deploying properly, which means it won't be able to protect you.

It Cushions Your Body In Case of a Crash

The windshield glass is designed to cushion your body in case of an accident that throws you against the glass. It is able to do this because it won't shatter on impact; the windshield is not a single piece of glass, but rather two pieces of glass with laminate plastic between them. The laminate plastic prevents the windshield from shattering upon impact and also absorbs your body's impact.

It Keeps You inside the Car In Case Of an Accident

Some of the worst car accidents, in terms of injuries, are those where the car's occupants get thrown out of the vehicle. Apart from the risk of crashing your body on roadside objects or on the road, you can easily get crushed by the car that way. Fortunately, a properly installed and intact windshield ensures that you don't get thrown out of the car upon impact.

It Helps Maintain the Integrity of the Car's Body

Lastly, the windshield also has a support role in ensuring that the integrity of the car's body and frame is maintained during a crash. Otherwise, the body of the car would crumble and you would deal with serious injuries or damages every time you had an accident.

Therefore, take care of your windshield and or seek auto glass replacement ASAP if it's cracked or damaged in any way. Make sure any repair or replacement is handled by a professional mechanic otherwise, it will just be like driving with a damaged windshield glass.