Three Tips For Helping You To Manage Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Posted on: 24 June 2018

Vehicle maintenance can be an extremely complicated logistical task for businesses that have large commercial fleets. Unfortunately, many business leaders will greatly underestimate the importance of a comprehensive maintenance plan, and this can lead to them paying more for repairs than necessary.

Invest In A Maintenance Tracking System

One of the first steps that you should take with your fleet is to invest in a comprehensive maintenance tracking system. These systems will monitor the mileage and service history of your vehicles so that it can easily track when regular maintenance needs to be performed for each vehicle. For businesses with large fleets of vehicles, a computerized tracking system will likely be necessary for avoiding lapses in maintenance. If your business only has a few vehicles it may be possible to keep track of this manually, but you will need to ensure you are diligent in tracking the vehicles.

Work With A Service That Specializes In Commercial Fleet Maintenance

It is a common assumption that the commercial vehicles for a business should always be taken to a mechanic for service and repairs. In addition to being an expensive option, it can also be possible for the needs of a business to overwhelm the capacity of some mechanic services. A better option may be to retain a service that specializes in maintaining commercial fleets. These services will often be able to complete much of this work onsite, which will avoid the need for you to transport your vehicles to a service center. However, any onsite repair services will have limits, and instances of severe damage will likely need to be towed to the service's facilities. Luckily, these providers will frequently offer free towing to their clients.

Periodically Review Your Current Maintenance Plan

It is easy for businesses to fail to regularly review their maintenance needs. This can prove to be problematic for enterprises that have growing fleets, as it can be possible for their current level of service to fall behind their needs as the number of vehicles in the fleet increases. At least once a year, you should review your current level of service to determine whether you should increase the frequency of maintenance visits. While paying more for a higher level of service for your vehicle fleet may represent an increase in your expenses, it can end up saving you money as it can reduce the frequency of breakdowns and other expensive or disruptive problems.

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