Summer Vehicle Care Tips

Posted on: 20 June 2018

Whether you own or lease your vehicle, you want to keep it in as good of condition as possible. When you are driving your vehicle during the summer, you want to make sure you take special care of it. That hot weather can be hard on your car or truck, which is already running a large motor to tool you and your family where ever you need to go.

There are things you want to do at the beginning of summer to make sure your car is ready to deal with the heat, as well as things you want to do to keep it running strong. There are also some safety precautions you want to take, just so you know you are prepared for things that may come up while you are out and about.

Check all the fluids – The beginning of summer is a great time to pop the hood and take a look at all the fluids. Add any that are starting to look a bit low. You should also check them again in a couple of months to make sure the summer heat hasn't caused any of them to run low again.

Keep fluids for the car in the vehicle – When traveling, you should have a gallon of water for the vehicle and some freon in case you do end up overheating. Always let the car completely cool before you go to add fluids, or you may get seriously burned when you open a hot radiator cap.

Keep fluids for you in the vehicle – You should also have plenty of water in the car or truck for you and your passengers when you are traveling. This way, if you do get stranded somewhere during those summer months, you won't find yourself thirsty and with nothing to quench that thirst. Plus, it's easy to become dehydrated and even get heat exhaustion if you don't stay properly hydrated in the heat. You may even want to keep some non-perishable snack bars you can eat in case it takes a while for help to arrive.

Protect your tires – Make sure you keep the proper amount of air in your tires and check them throughout the summer months. That hot asphalt can be harder on your tires than the asphalt is in the cooler months. When you park your car or truck for a few days or more, make sure the tires aren't fully exposed to direct sunlight. If they will be, then put a piece of wood or something else in front of them to offer them protective shade.

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