Four Ways To Protect Car Paint In The Winter

Posted on: 20 June 2018

The winter months place a massive amount of stress on anything that is exposed to the elements, and your car's paint job is no exception. Ice, snow, temperature fluctuations, and salt exposure can all wear away at the paint and ruin the appearance of your vehicle, not to mention make it much more likely that rust and corrosion will set into the body of your car. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your car paint stays in the best condition possible throughout the cold season.


While it may seem like a strange thing to do during the winter, you should still regularly get your car washed when the temperature is below freezing. This is perhaps more important than washing your car regularly during the spring and summer, since salt can become stuck on to your car's body, particularly underneath, which can facilitate rust development. Washing your car regularly can help remove salt and other debris, and ensure that the impact of the winter season on your paint is kept to the bare minimum.

Avoiding Plastic Scrapers

While ice will most commonly build up on your windows and windshield, you may find yourself having to remove ice from your doors and door handles after particularly nasty freezes. When scraping this ice free, you should always make sure to use a foam brush, nail polish remover, or some other low-impact method of ice removal. Even plastic scrapers, which are less damaging than their metal counterparts, can chip or scratch away at the paint job of your vehicle.

Using Covered Parking Spots

Another good way to reduce the potential impact of the winter weather on the integrity of your vehicle's paint job is to always make sure to park in covered or enclosed areas when possible. This will minimize the exposure of your car's exterior to colder temperatures and snow and ice accumulation, reducing the risk of damage occurring (not to mention reducing the amount of snow that you'll have to clear before you can access your car).


Finally, another important part of winter car maintenance is making sure that your vehicle is waxed on a regular basis. This would be particularly beneficial if completed right after washing: a coat of wax acts as a clear, protective barrier over the paint, keeping salt and other debris of of the paint job and absorbing a small amount of physical wear and tear before the paint is damaged.

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