Signs Your Car's Engine May Need Repairs

Posted on: 18 June 2018

The last thing you want to hear is that your car's engine needs repairs. Not all engine repairs are serious and costly, but if you don't have minor repairs done promptly they can escalate into major headaches. Catching problems with your engine is easy if you stay alert to signs of potential trouble. Here are some indications of engine trouble that should be checked out by a mechanic:

Unusual Odors And Noises

If you hear popping, grating, or other unusual noises coming from the engine, you should have the cause investigated. Additionally, if your engine sounds loud, makes sputtering noises, backfires, or cuts out, then it's a sign of a malfunction somewhere in the system. Oil, gas, and burning rubber odors are also causes for concern. These odors could indicate a leak in the engine or a worn part.

Smoke From The Tailpipe Or Engine

Smoke coming from your car is never a good sign. A mechanic can get an idea of the cause by looking at the color. The smoke might be black, white, or blue. Blue smoke might mean an oil problem, while white smoke might be from a transmission or coolant leak. If the white smoke is thin and dissipates quickly, it might not indicate a problem, but dense white smoke is a more serious sign. Black smoke is often associated with a drop in gas mileage because it can indicate the engine is burning too much fuel. You'll probably see the smoke coming out of your car's exhaust first, but it may also billow out from under the hood if the problem is bad enough.

Warning Lights Come On

The check engine light can give you a scare, but it doesn't always mean engine trouble. However, it does indicate a problem that needs to be fixed so you shouldn't ignore the light. Instead, take your car to the shop or to an auto parts store that can decipher the codes that explain the cause of the light being on. A simple fix might clear the light, or you may need to take your car in for repairs to prevent further damage to the engine. You should also watch for the low oil light, as you can damage your engine if you let the oil get too low. If the dash warning light comes on and starts blinking, that means the situation needs your immediate attention.

Engine Stalls Or Grinds

If you have trouble starting your car in the morning or if the engine stalls out at a stoplight when you give it gas, that could be a sign of engine trouble or another malfunction that needs repairing. Your engine might even keep going after you turn off the key. These problems could signal the need for a tune-up, a carburetor adjustment, or solenoid trouble. A stalling engine can also be a sign of trouble, so this problem should be taken care of right away.

A good rule is to have your car checked by a mechanic when it handles differently or makes new noises. You don't have to know anything about cars to know when your car is handling and sounding strange. If something seems off, take your car to a mechanic so you can prevent a breakdown. You can also contact the technicians at Redford Auto Repair for more information.