Emissions? What Vehicle Owners Need To Know To Keep Their Cars In Compliance

Posted on: 16 June 2018

If you are like most drivers, chance are you are far more likely to remember to put gas in the tank or make sure the tires are correctly inflated than to consider your car's emission ratings. But the recent exposure of a serious problem with a major car manufacturer's emission compliance standards may serve to help all drivers become more aware of this potential issue.

In fact, a majority of states already have some type of emission regulations for either the entire state or for specific areas. If you are have not yet educated yourself and other drivers in your household about emissions standards, the following information can give you proactive information to help you ensure your car's compliance throughout the period of your ownership.

Who must comply with mandatory emissions testing? 

While all new vehicles must currently meet certain emissions testing requirements at the time of their manufacture, states and municipalities may differ in their requirements. This difference is typically based on either a particular area where smog is already a problem, such as an urban area, or related to the age of the vehicle, with cars built prior to 1996 usually exempt from requirements for testing.

In some states, public or commercial vehicles may not be required to undergo testing or meet certain emissions requirements. A full listing of states and information about their general requirements regarding emissions is available here

What to know about the emissions testing process? 

Vehicle owners who determine that they are required to have an emissions test performed on their vehicle will find that the process is very simple. To test your vehicle, a technician will connect a diagnostic device to your vehicle through its diagnostic port, usually located near the steering wheel of the car. In addition to this test, a visual inspection of the car's exhaust system may be required. 

What can vehicle owners due to help ensure their cars will pass emissions testing? 

Properly maintaining your engine and making sure that your exhaust system is operating properly are the two most important components necessary to help ensure your vehicle will remain in compliance with emissions regulations for your area. This includes regular tune-ups to ensure the engine is properly mixing and burning its fuel, along with regular exhaust system inspections so that any worn or non-functioning parts can be replaced or repaired promptly. 

To learn more about emissions testing requirements for your area and how they may apply to your vehicles, take time to contact a trusted muffler shop such as Teloloapan  Muffler &  Brakes II Inc in their area.