4 Car Care Areas

Posted on: 16 June 2018

When it comes to keeping your car in the best running order possible, you have many areas of concern. Basically, anytime you find something sounding, smelling, or feeling wrong with it, you should have it looked at. However, there are some things you should be doing proactively to prevent issues from arising to begin with. Here are four main cares you should have about your car in order to keep it in good running shape:

 1: Take good care of your tires

You want to make sure you keep an eye on your tires. If you drive them low, they will endure more wear and tear, give you worse gas mileage and increase your chances of getting in an accident from improper road gripping. If you don't replace them through a tire service such as http://soundsideauto.com/ as the tread gets thin, then you run the risk of having a blowout, and they also won't grip the road correctly.

If you don't take them in regularly to have them rotated and balanced, then they will experience uneven wearing which can lead to a variety of problems, including things like throwing your car out of proper alignment.

2: Don't let fluids get low

Watch all of your fluids, not just the water and motor oil. All of the fluids in your car play important roles.

Your brake fluid is essential to the braking system, the power steering fluid is essential to the power steering system, the transmission fluid is essential to the transmission and so on. When you pop your hood to check one of your fluids, you should really take the time to check all of them.

3: Take care of your brakes 

Along with making sure you keep the brake fluid correctly filled, you also want to do some other things to make sure your brakes are staying in good working order for as long as possible.

Don't ride your brakes going down a hill. Instead, downshift to help you to slow the car down. Also, get the car in to the brake shop at the first sign of brake issues, such as feeling the brake pedal going lower than normal or hearing a squeaking or grinding sound coming from the tire area of your car.

4: Keep gas in your car 

Some people are notorious for letting their gas get as low as possible before they make a trip to the gas station to add more. This is actually bad for your car, and it's a risky practice.

When you let your gas get very low and then fill the tank back up, a lot of sludge and dirt from the bottom will get mixed in with the new gas, which can lead to problems with the cars performance and cause a clogged fuel filter or lines. Also, running the car on empty can leave you in a bad situation if there is an emergency and you need to stop and get gas in the midst of it.